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About The Artist

Meet Madelynne Grace, Owner of Bites and Bevs Media, and food photographer turning meals into masterpieces through her passion for both culinary artistry and visual storytelling. Each photo goes beyond a simple capture, revealing the essence of flavor and the meticulous art of plating showcasing the beauty, vibrancy, and detail in every dish. Madelynne moved to Atlanta in 2012 with a degree in Sports PR, but a newly discovered love for hospitality.


She picked up the camera as a hobby but turned it into her thriving company Bites and Bevs Media with a team of photographers, videographers and food stylists. Some of her clients include Pepsi, Steak and Shake, NBA Star James Harden's Thirteen restaurant, Four Season Napa (recent Michelin Star recipient), W Hotels, T-Pain, Simply Buckhead Magazine, Eater, Thrillist, Forbes and more. Her work is a celebration of the belief that food is art, stimulating not just taste buds but the visual senses. Every plate is her canvas.

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